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new here!

im a 20 year old. new mother of a 3 month old baby boy...heres my birth story...

January 25th, 2006 was my expected due date, but a week passed and still no baby..

February 2, 2006: i had my weekly appointment with my doctor, a week before that she gave me a choice of "stripping the membranes" having my walls scraped, or just waiting another week...i was a wuss, so i chose to wait...well then on feb. 2 around 1:30pm at my appointment, she told me that i had no more choice so she went ahead with the procedure...she said that she scraped me pretty good so she was expecting me to go into labour that night...then she scheduled me for an assessment for the next day along with an appointment to be induced, just in case i didnt go into labour that night...well, she did scrape me pretty good, because a couple of hours later i started feeling little contractions, they werent that bad, and i didnt even think nothing of them, i just thought i was having a stomach ache...that night the father of my child's family was having a little prayer for his aunty who just passed away from cancer a couple of days before...thats when the contractions started coming more and harder...i told everyone that the baby might be coming tonight, and they all got excited, so i asked my babys daddy if he can take me home, because my house was just a couple of blocks down from the hospital i was to be giving birth in...

7pm we made it home, and we decided to go to sleep...i layed down, but by this time the contractions started coming even around 9:00 i woke him up and told him it was time to go in...we reached the hospital, by this time i could barely walk...well at the hospital that i went to, you had to press the button to get in and someone would buzz you in if it was after hours...then if you were in labour you had to go into this office first to be questioned so that they can fill out your this time i was raging mad, because i had to sit there trying to give out information while i was in AGONY...finally we were told to go to the second floor...i was lead into a room called the TRIAGE, which is where all the women who were in labour had to stay in...i was in a bed in a room with about 6 other women, who were screaming their heads off from the contractions, and there i was all scared and freaked out because of all the screaming, i was scared that the pain would be that bad...the contractions i were having were pretty painful, but not BLOODY the lady kept checking how many centimetres i was dialated...then she told me to go walk around to speed it take 2 steps and then would have to hang onto something, or pull my babys daddys hair...then we went back into the room, and the nurse checked me again...STILL 2 CENTIMETRES was 12am, and she said she might have to send me home...that sure as heck pissed the shit out of me...then right when she left the room, i felt this huge gush down there, and thats when i knew that my water broke...babys daddy went to look for a nurse, but there was none in sight, so he ran down the halls until he found one...finally he they came back to me with a wheel chair and everything...but the thing is, my doctor said that my test proved "RH POSITIVE?" OR IS IT NEGATIVE? i dont remember, well they said that its a bug in your vagina, that keeps the baby in alittle longer...well she wrote on my form that i would have to have something injected into my I.V an hour before i give after my water broke is when they had done it...finally they got me in the wheel chair and wheeled me into my own room...ahhh comforting, better then being in that room filled with screaming patients...well by then i was going crazy, from all that pain...i couldnt handle it anymore, the contractions were every 2-3 minutes apart..i was yelling like i have never yelled before...screaming out "I WANT DRUGS"..then the nurse said she would get me some DEMORALL (dont know how to spell it)...she left the room and was gone for about a good 15 minutes...and there i was screaming out "WHERES MY FUCKIN DRUGS, WHERE IS SHE? SHE BETTER BE HERE SOON"...and right when i was saying that, she walked in and gave me the demorall...well it calmed me down, but it didnt do much for the she told me to go take a nice warm shower cause it supposedly made everything better...IT DIDNT...i was crying like i never cried before...then i went back to the bed, and asked for some EPIDERAL...well it took them 4 hours just to give it to me...the doctor who was giving it to me was very crabby too..well i can understand why, i wasnt really cooperating HAHAHA...he told me to let myself loose and everything..finally got it in..and by that time i was stoned from the DEMORALL haha, then i knocked out...i woke up around 8am, and by this time i had to push...i pushed for a good 45 minutes...and then on FEBRUARY 3, 2006 at 845AM, ADDISON MICHAEL RAMOS was born...weighing in at 7lb 2 oz...a beautiful babyboy, that i couldnt take my eyes off of...of course i didnt get to hold him right away...because i was drugged they took him to the baby warmer, cleaned him up, then placed him in his bed, and put it against my bed...after that i went straight to sleep, so that i could get some rest before the visitors start pouring in...and thats my baby story..

the funny thing is, babys daddy told me that i when i was on DEMORALL, i supposedly had this attitude towards everyone, and i was just out of it...i can hardly remember though...

(edited)happy to say that i felt no pain pushing, because of the EPIDERAL...but then the doctor, told me that she had to give me an episiotomy, of course i felt nothing and was still drugged up, so i went along with felt kinda weird when she was cutting too haha..well i payed for it later on anyway cause when the drugs wore off, it hurt like heck.
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