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My Birth story

Well, I'll try to make mine as short as possible.

I was about 6 months along, and i had been seeing the doctor twice weekly to be checked for my high blood pressure. It was a friday morning, and my mum and me were doing some food shopping and stuff together. We were at woolworths, adn i suddenly got a really sore back, so mum took me home and i rested on the couch for the rest of the day. At about 5 pm, i thought i was having contractions, so we timed them and they were 13 minutes apart, and not very painful. we chose to ignore them, and mum suggested that i take some panadol and go to bed. about 2 hours later, i was in the bathroom and my show appeared, so i was driven to the maternity hospital by mum. A doctor examined me and decided after about an hour, that i should spend the night there to be observed. I was walking down the ward and decided to use the bathroom when suddenly i had a load of blood pour out of me. Mum alearted the nurses and i was rushed to lay down and was examined thourghly. They then proceded to move me up to the theatere and i was rushed into have an emergency ceaseran.

My daughter was born at 12.23am on saturday. She was 12 weeks prem, and weighed 1260 grams. She was ressusitated after not breathing after 90 seconds from birth, adn was then intubated and isolated. Her apgar scores were 4 then 8.

When i woke up from the genaral anestetic i was givven a picture of her.

I then stayed in the hospital for 5 days, and was dying to get home. My daughter stayed in the hospital for slighty over 4 months of her life. For a long time i wasnt allowed to hold her, and for a short time i was told not to get to excited incase she didnt survive. It was a tough time ofr myself, my family and my daughter. But it all turned out well in the end.

This is a picture of my girl taken about and hour after her birth
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