Approximating edges (norwegian_wood) wrote in birthstories,
Approximating edges


Every single day, I am happy that i had an unassisted birth with Fiery. Every single day I look at her with love, awe, and pride. She was a good teammate, did everything she was supposed to do. I think this was due to letting her know when she was still womb-side that I trusted her. That I knew no matter how she came out, or when she came out, that she wanted to be born and she wanted to be my daughter. It was the best experience of my life. It left me wanting to birth again and again. It made me want to take the fear or pain of other laboring mothers and bear some of it for them, because I loved every minute of it.

I have this poem on the bulletin board on my kitchen, and I read it often before I became pregnant with her:

It is a terrifying thing to begin
To begin anything at all
The rewards are but rumors then
The glories but gossip.
To taste and to see, we must venture
Into the murky waters of inexperience.
And that is, indeed, a terrifying thing.
But 'tis more terrifying still...
To stand ashore and only wish
It could someday truly be true.

~ Tristam Gylberd

It is so, so true for me now. Women, be strong! Birth is a privilege that you only get so many chances to be part of. Take care of this experience, guard it from harm and interference. Take what is yours and loveit, don't fear it.

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