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I'm new, but here's my birth story and a few pictures

Gavin David Schooley was born May 4th 2005 at 2:25pm he weighed 7lbs 3oz

at 5am tuesday may 3rd I woke up with cramps. I assumed they were just cramps and went back to sleep. By 4pm that day they were 5minutes apart so I had Racheal take me to the hospital.

They checked me, and I was only half a cm dilated, so they sent me back home. I got home and ate, then tried to lay down to sleep. But the contractions just kept on coming.

By 1am I couldn't take it, I begged the doctors to let me come in. I finally went in, and was only 1cm dilated, but my contractions were every 2 minutes. They gave me a sleeping pill, and sent me home. They said I would sleep a good 8 to 9 hours.

Bad idea, honestly. I slept from 5am when I got home, until about 8am. by then it just hurt too much. But I was so drugged from the pill I just sat there in pain watching TV.

My contractions by 12pm that day were 2 minutes apart and lasting 2 minutes, full on bring me to my knees. But the sleeping pill was still getting to me and i decided I should just take a shower. Bad idea again.

I called my sister in law Liz and asked her to please take me in, I couldn't take the pain anymore, and was hoping to get some pain medication.

we got in, I was in triage for maybe 5 minutes and started screaming, there was so much pressure it was horrible. Finally the midwife, not the one who had sent me home eariler, checked me. I was 9cm dialed and ready to push.

There was no time for pain medication, though I begged for it, I annouced I would not push until they gave me medication, at the moment, my water broke. Thus I decided to push, because the pressure was just too much.

I pushed about 40 minutes, Gavin was stuck and I had to be cut twice to get him out. I was still pretty "high" on that pill, spent all of labor apolagizing to my husband Dan, the midwife, and the nurse. No idea why either.

Gavin had swalled some of his first bowlmovement so as soon as he was out the wisked him off to the other side of the room where they fixed him up. Dan wasn't able to cut the cord because of this.

But as soon as he was good and suctioned out they handed him to me. They delayed the eye drops, they always do there. It was nice to finally hold him.

Labor without medication wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. Though it would have helped not to have taken that sleeping pill. I had to sign all the admitance forms after the baby was born instead of before lol

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