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Birth of my Daughter Isabella (6.2.03)

First I'll start with my pregnancy. It was a really healthy one, gained exactly 30lbs, and everything went good. Towards the end, at 39 weeks, I was already measuring 41 weeks (I had a huge belly!!). Except during that whole time, I had no contractions whatsoever, and even at 39 weeks, my baby hadn't dropped yet. So the doctor gave me the option of getting induced, or just waiting. If I got induced, the baby would come sooner of course, but I also had my high school graduation the following Monday, but I still said okay. So around 1pm on May 31st, we went to the hospital to start induction. I was 0 dilated, and not effaced either, so the nurses said it'll take 24-48 hours to finally have the baby, so if I'm sure I wanted to be induced. I knew I'd be overdue, so I said I still wanted induction. So they hooked me up to pitocin. About 12 hours later, I finally reached 2cm, and 100% effacement. I wasn't feeling uncomfortable, just was dealing with a lot of leg cramps, so I didn't want any pain meds yet. Then around the 24hour mark (June 1st), the doctor said that he'll break my water to maybe speed things up (I was still 2cm).

When my water was broken, it was the biggest rush, but I couldn't stop shaking!! And when they broke my water, the baby finally dropped, so I felt mega pressure. So I asked for some pain relief, and they gave me the epidural. Oh god, that felt good. They broke my water at 9pm, so I got the epidural at about 9:30-10:00pm. After that I was relaxed, and finally got some sleep. At around 3am, I felt the worst pain ever....the epidural had worn off, so I was feeling nonstop contractions, so they put some more in (it was a drip epi). After I was numbed again, the nurse checked me and I was 10cm. So around 4:15am, I started pushing. Finally at 5:02am, my daughter Isabella was born weighing 8lbs4oz, and a perfect 19'' long. However, the joy was shortly lived when I started passing out due to excessive bleeding. My blood pressure dropped really low (I think it was 54/49?), so they gave me a shot of adrenaline. I don't remember anything between the time she was born until about 8am. I remember spots of being in recovery, recieving demoral while the nurse was saying that I wasn't in good shape. They also had to put ice packs on my "down there" area to stop the swelling.

So I woke up to some breakfast at 8am, and my daughter was still in the nursery. I puked up the eggs, and then asked them to bring my daughter. She was the beautifulist!! Had a head full of hair and the chinkiest eyes. My parents called her the eskimo baby. We stayed in the hospital for 3 days after that (for a vaginal delivery!!). So in total, our hospital stay was 5 days. They kept me for observation that long (my blood pressure would drop a lot while I was sleeping), and then she tested borderline Strep B (and was cleared of course). I got cut and still tore (2nd degree laceration and 4th degree[the worst kind] tears.).

Now she's 19 months old, and sometimes I'm still in disbelief that she's my little girl. Children are so amazing <33

I love telling my birthstory!!! lol. ::hint of sarcasm::
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